[Capabilities of current tomographic technologies in the diagnosis of midfacial injuries and posttraumatic deformities].


OBJECTIVE To study the diagnostic capabilities of cone-beam and multislice spiral computed tomography (CT) in patients with midfacial injuries and posttraumatic deformities. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty patients with midfacial injuries sustained in different periods underwent clinical and radiation examination involving an analysis of the bone and soft tissue structural images obtained with multispiral and cone-beam CT techniques, by applying maximally informative studies protocols. RESULTS Cone-beam and multislice spiral CT showed the same informative value in detecting bone traumatic changes and a low informative one in identifying comorbidity. CONCLUSION The findings permit one to recommend cone-beam CT for diagnosis and preoperative planning in patients with midfacial injury and posttraumatic deformities only when multislice spiral CT cannot be performed.


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