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  • Published 2010 in BDJ


Denis Regan was an exceptional clinician and teacher who died on 30 May 2009 after a long illness. Denis taught orthodontics to Sheffi eld’s dental students for over ten years. He was a champion of clinical excellence and a consummate teacher. Those who had the good fortune to work with him will always remember his wonderful personality, freshness and sense of humour. Denis was born in 1946 and studied dentistry at the University of Manchester, qualifying in 1968. He worked as a general dental practitioner in Lancashire from 1969-1979 and in Matlock from 1980-1983. He started his early teaching career teaching dental surgery assistants at Stretford Technical College. In 1981 he was appointed Clinical Assistant at the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffi eld. He obtained his MSc in 1983 and was subsequently appointed as Lecturer in Child Dental Health at the University of Sheffi eld in late 1983. He obtained his Diploma in Orthodontics from The Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1987. For over ten years as Lecturer in Orthodontics in Sheffi eld, he taught over 500 dental students and supervised many postgraduates and their Masters dissertations. In 1994 he became a part-time lecturer and entered Specialist Orthodontic Practice in Mansfi eld. Denis was a highly successful specialist and was well loved by both his patients and his referring dentists. He continued teaching in Sheffi eld, delivering a substantial part of the formal lecture course in orthodontics. Denis continued to develop his teaching and educational skills and gave courses throughout the UK, and subsequently throughout Europe. All who worked with Denis fondly remember his great enthusiasm for life, for dentistry and for education, as well as all things associated with Manchester United. He was a season ticket holder for many years and would constantly remind his students where the pinnacle of football is played! Denis will be missed by his students and clinical colleagues. He is survived by his wife, Jayne, and his four adult children. Denis was one of the great quiet men of orthodontics and the specialty is much poorer for his loss. D. R. Willmot, P. E. Benson


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