[Analysis of the correlation between non-invasive hemodynamic monitor and cardiac echocardiography on the evaluation of cardiac function].


OBJECTIVE To explore the possibility of clinical evaluation of cardiac function by CHM T3002 non-invasive hemodynamic monitor. METHODS A total of 26 patients admitted to Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai were enrolled, including 11 cardiac insufficiency patients and 15 control. Each subject was tested by non-invasive cardiac hemodynamic monitor immediately after echocardiography. Linear regression analysis and Bland-Altman consistency analysis were used in the analysis of relevance and consistency between two different methods. RESULTS Linear correlation was shown on LVEF, SV, SVI, CO, CI, EDV, LVET and PEP/LVET, but not on PEP, between the two methods. Moreover, the consistency of the two methods was highly confirmed on LVEF and LVET, less on SV, SVI, CO, CI and EDV, while awfully weak on PEP and PEP/LVET. CONCLUSION CHM T3002 non-invasive hemodynamic monitor may be useful in assessing patients' cardiac function, however, it can not replace cardiac echocardiography.


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