Study of Variation of Biochemical Components in Hypericum perforatum L. Grown in North of IRAN


Hypericum perforatum L. is among important herbs worldwide, which growing wild in Iran various areas and altitudes particularly north of the country. However, according to different regional and genetic reasons, its secondary metabolites differ in its growth vegetative. Therefore, in order to define its best vegetative area, the most important biochemical components in five regions and three altitudes and four samples from each regions (60 samples all together) were sampled and analyzed. Experiment revealed that the highest values of hypericin (0.251% DW) and total phenols (412 mg/l) were obtained in Jannat Roodbar region in a height of 1218 m and the highest amounts of flavonoid (73 μg/ml) and carotenoid (0.13 mg/ml) were observed in Pole Zangoole region in a height of 2300 m. Regression equations have been demonstrated to have a positive linear relationship between hypericin and total phenols contents. While among hypericin and flavonoid as well as carotenoid, this relation forms a second degree equation. The relationship of hypericin and total phenols contents was a negative correlation as well. Keyword: Hypericum perforatum L., Biochemical Components, Variation , Hypericin,Total phenol, Flavonoid


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